On my recent post about summer purchases https://youlookfab.com/welookfab/topic/whoopsie Bijou suggested wearing the jumpsuits into the fall with appropriate toppers. Sounds brilliant! Most of them fall into the color range I typically wear, so have easy matches, but coming up with winning combos isn't so easy after all, because I don't know what shape to reach for.

Jumpsuits are kind of a cross between pants and dresses, aren't they? I mean, split legs make them like pants, but many of them (at least in my wardrobe) have swingy wide legs that form kind of a split skirt, making the overall garment more like a dress. So what kind of topper works best?

For example, here's the jumpsuit I expect will have the most difficulty finding a color match in my wardrobe, with a long cardi in perhaps a surprising color (it’s nowhere near as dark as it looks in this pic—is actually a pretty cornflower blue/periwinkle/blueberry), and in finds with a couple of other, very differently shaped, options.

I've connected the post on long blazers and pleated skirts because of the surprisingly good match that formula makes, at least in those examples. I suspect similar outside-the-box thinking could be required here.

Looking forward to your suggestions and pix--either of you or found online.

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