So much for my decisions not to shop this summer, and that when I did get back to it, I would buy from local makers or second hand. I seem to have slipped and fallen into some Zalando orders.

I have to laugh at myself for that and because, as much as I insist that the berries color scheme is for feeling cozy in the winter, half of what I have here fits in with it very well.

There are two different sizes here; I've worn each of them at some point this summer. The dresses are somewhat short-waisted, as am I with my current pot belly. I think they make me look leggy in a good way. Everything is comfortable and breezy (a little too much sometimes--at a school function, I had to ask a mom wearing hijab to switch places with me because of a fan blowing at my bare back. She was gracious enough to do so.) and feels good with my sandals or Børns (Oxfords or Derbies? I always forget), which are not new.

I tried a few pairs of bronze sandals, but none of them worked for my feet; they were the right size (length-wise) but the wrong shapes for my feet. Darn.

Previously this year, I purchased a blackberry cardigan, paisley blouse that goes with everything, 3/4 sleeve cream top, and red bell-bottom jeans. Eight months into the year, nine purchases. I don't feel like I'm scrimping or splurging, although I've learned I like shoes more than I realized. So many good pink ones are on sale now, from German shoemakers--must go make some money!!