A style moniker is a short and punchy phrase that captures your personal style. It’s not essential to have one, and half of my clients don’t give this a second thought. But like choosing a word and colour for the year, the process of reflection can be fun, helpful and therapeutic. 

A style moniker is handy to keep front of mind whenever you’re making decisions about your style, like when you’re editing your closet, planning your wardrobe, purchasing a wardrobe item, or creating an outfit. It keeps you focussed and aligned with your style goals, especially when you have the tendency to stray from them.

The moniker should be accurate and reflect your aspirational style, but really, it’s just a guideline that keeps things light-hearted, individualistic and amusing. Don’t take it too seriously or overthink it. Simply pick a catchy phrase, run with it for a while, and change it when your style evolves.

Over the years, clients, friends and YLF forum members have come up with some clever and funny style monikers. Here are some great examples:

Refined Californian, Arty Glam, Casual Euro Chic, Genuine Composed, Chanel Girl in Red, Playful Classic, Boho Modern Minimalist, Urban Warrior Princess, Urban Knight, Glam Gamine, Urban Luxe, Refined Tomgirl, Romantic Classic, Bohemian Sophisticate, Elegant Thrown-Together Tomboy, Happy Tomboy, The Gentlewoman, Quirky Urban Waif, Farm Fashionista, Folksy Fab, East Coast Eclectic, Playful Dandy, Demure Bombshell, The Duchess Next Door, Casual Kate, Colour Drenched Bohemian Romance, Casual Chic, Flamboyant Natural, Boho Modern Minimalist, Smart Casual Comfort, Avant-Garde Minimalist, Boho Babe, Gothic Chic, Princess of Darkness, Easy Elegance with Edge, Business Bombshell, Casual Urban Glam, Trendy Fashionista, Sporty Elegance, and Arty Eclectic.

My first style moniker was, “Trendy Modern Classic”. When people asked how I would describe my style, my fast reply was, “I’m a classic who enjoys to wear trends and colours”. Twelve years later, trendy and classic still apply, but my style moniker since last year has been “Urban Polish”. The “urban” captures that I live in both grungy, casual Seattle and outdoorsy, hipster Salt Lake City. The “polish” captures the importance of my daily outfits being refined, pretty, structured, tidy, practical, and dressier than the norm. I think I’ll be sticking with this one for a while.

Have a go at creating a new style moniker, and let us know what it is in the comments below. Or share one that’s been working for you for a while. Either way, tell us how you chose it. If you’d like help choosing one, or would like to discuss it in more detail, start a thread in the forum.