Hi all, pondering the style moniker post today; I love that stuff - the process is so interesting!

As Angie noted, I am a casual classic for sure. However, the missing piece with this is the 'aspirational' piece. My aspirations this year, though, aren't really about my 'look' per se - they are more about my attitude to the whole thing, moving from a self-doubting to a more self-affirming posture.

I feel like Classic needs to be there - first, it encapsulates so many style adjectives that are true for me (things like polished, simple or understated, tried-and-true, well-fitting, etc.). Second, it's one of those words which I can get negative on (for myself) because I have felt like it's 'boring', but I'm done with that attitude and ready to own it with pride!

The second word I'm working on. A few ideas, and please chime in if you have suggestions, insights or advice! Sometimes an outside view DOES see things more clearly.

  • Confident Classic - pretty obvious - the aspiration is to be more confident in my style, which can translate both into trying to add something new to the mix without fear OR to sticking with what works, knowing that this is what's right for me.
  • Essential Classic - a bit more poetic than above, essential has both a physical and spiritual connotation, referring both to my love of simplicity (what's essential to the outfit or situation) and the fact that 'classic' is an expression of my essence.
  • Curious Classic - with thanks to Eliza for mentioning the word on the blog post comments today, this makes space for the side of me that needs to ponder, question and doubt, but frames it in a more positive, exploratory way. Perhaps not concrete enough though.
  • Intentional Classic - meaning I'm a classic because it's best for me (vs. just by default) and that I'm going to move forward with it with intention.

What do you think ... any of these sound any good? I'm kind of leaning towards Essential Classic because it speaks to me as a physical look, as well as a mental attitude. But I'm open to any and all feedback! Appreciate you all xx

ETA - Serene Classic is the one, with all the other adjectives shared here going into a little collage for my journal, so I'll take all this inspiration with me through the year! xx

ETAx2 - Intentional Serene Classic