Hi gang,
I decided to put my new style moniker into action. Here’s the resulting outfit in pic 1..
Oh and for anyone who is interested the dictionary definition of whimsical is “lightly amusing”. However another definition is “someone given to whims”. I find the definitions both lightly amusing :).
I’m also (so far at least) sticking to this years style goal of lip colour daily. And boy oh boy I’m loving it. SO MUCH better with lip colour than without... imho. Others might disagree though. OR if I’m not wearing lip colour, I gotta wear statement earrings. Otherwise I just feel blahhh.

I feel I’ve veered quite far away from some of the more boho looks I wore early last year now. I still like the look of them.... but I find they’re not super practical. Plus I had to introduce some more polished looks for a new job last year, so the boho just got pushed further and further aside. The easiest place to wear boho is at the beach I find... more of a beach boho style.

So my massively aspirational style icon for whimsical romantic is the Tahani character from The Good Place. Only problem is.... I have a rather practical, casual lifestyle, a tight budget, and I prefer to be extremely comfortable in all my outfits. Sooooo we shall see how this translates into reality!
I’ve included some inspiring pics from Pinterest, including especially outfits that actually seem wearable rather than totally aspirational.

Anyway please feel free to comment and critique. Sometimes I feel like my style is not trendy at all, and I hope it doesn’t come off looking totally dorky. I just go with my gut instincts but I wonder if I see things the same way others see them? Thanks

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