Stripes InspirationThis ensemble was inspired by an outfit I saw on Pinterest. Since I’m wearing my pearls again, I’m especially interested in this easy-to-pull-together combination. In fact, I’m sure I’ve worn a version of it before. It combines modern classics with trendier pieces. In fact, you’ll probably be able to shop your closet for most of the components. 

The components of the ensemble:

Jeans: Choose any style of jeans in black, blue or grey denim. The wearer in the photo is wearing boyfriend jeans, but feel free to wear skinnies, cropped straight legs, culottes, flares, boot cuts, clamdiggers, shorts or straight legs. Or wear a denim skirt if that’s more your style 

Striped Top: Choose a T-shirt or pullover in black, navy or grey and white stripes. Of course, you can choose any colour in the stripes, but the classic combination in neutrals does look sharp. A white or cream stripe also picks up the colour of white pearls. That said, a grey striped top picks up the colour of grey pearls. 

Moto Jacket: Choose a black, grey, ink or white moto jacket. A denim jacket in black or white is also fab. If you’re not into moto jackets, choose any style of black, grey or white topper that works with the outfit. Feel free to layer a coat over the entire outfit if it’s cold.  

Pearls: Make a statement with baubles! Add a pearl necklace in a chunky style because pearls look more playful and trendy when they are oversized or clustered. If chunky pearls aren’t your cup of tea, stick to a classic strand with small beads. Or choose pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet if necklaces aren’t your thing. 

Footwear: Add any style of fashionable sneaker, boot, pump, loafer, flatform or platform that works with the outfit. Keep the colour black, white, cream, metallic or red. 

Handbag: A red handbag with fringe creates a fun juxtaposition, but you can choose any red or  fringed bag. And if that doesn’t work, choose a bag that completes the outfit your way. Add extra jewellery, eyewear, headgear, hosiery and watch as desired. 


I can put the look together right away with what’s in my wardrobe, and here are the exact pieces.  There might be a denim skirt in the mix soon too.