Your shopping list is not cast in stone, but a flexible plan for refreshing and replenishing your wardrobe helps you to create a wardrobe that fulfills your needs. So with Summer around the corner, it’s time to check in on our Spring 2013 shopping list. I’ll go first. 

These are the items I had on my list and the progress I’ve made over the last four months: 

  • Jeans: I set out to refresh and replenish my jeans capsule because my white jeans were finished and I’d passed on all my body con skinny jeans. I’ve added a pair of straight leg white jeans, full length faded blue boyfriend jeans and white cropped boyfriend jeans. Check. 
  • Floral blazer: No luck, but I received two jackets as gifts for Christmas, a two toned denim jacket and a bomber, which satisfied my new jacket need this Spring. I’m also changing the floral blazer idea to a white or blue jacket of sorts. 
  • Tuxedo shirts: I bought a white tuxedo shirt. Check
  • Pastel Trouser Suit: No luck because the pants were cropped, and I want full length trousers for this suit. But I did buy a new dress, which was an unexpected surprise.
  • Long Slouchy Shorts: They are on their way to me in cobalt blue. Check. 
  • T-shirt Blouse: No luck so far and it’s just as well because it’s an item to wear in hot weather, which is still months away in our neck of the woods. I bought four tops instead, all much warmer and better suited to our climate. A neon pink cashmere pullover, a wooly white patterned pullover, a silky white cotton pullover, and pink shirt
  • Flat Oxfords: I bought sci-fi silver flat oxfords. Check.
  • Pointy toe flats or pumps: I’ve bought a low heeled white pair and gold pair. Check.   
  • White Booties: I bought white Converse high-tops with a baby wedge that fulfill the Summer white bootie gap for now. Check. 

I also bought a white belt, a gold belt, a white clutch, and a citron clutch, that were not on the original shopping list. They’ve become wardrobe workhorses so I’m so glad I strayed from the list.

I’m also pleased to report that I’ve kept my shopping weakness under control by NOT purchasing glorious lightweight Spring and Summer merchandise that would otherwise be orphaned till July because our Springs are generally cold and wet. 

I’m feeling pretty set for the rest of Spring and Summer. I might add a few more tops, a white jacket, a shocking pink clutch and perhaps a pair of Summer trousers. I’m not sure what I’ll wear to a wedding we’re attending in late July, but shopping my closet for that event feels like a good idea. 

Over to you.