Every year I dedicate a post to my late Mum, one of the most stylish people I have known and still my biggest style influence. Greg chose Alki Beach as the setting for this photo shoot because it’s a little like Repulse Bay in Hong Kong, which was one of Mum’s favourite places in the world. It is also where my Mum and Dad first met. 

This outfit, which is precious in more ways than one, is inspired by my precious Mama. First, she was big into wearing voluminous midi skirts, which you might remember from a previous Mother’s Day post. Second, pink in all its shades was her favourite colour, from pastels and muted tones to the brightest shocking pink. Third, she loved pink matched with grey. Fourth, lace and Mama were a happy marriage. The top photo below was taken in 1967 and shows her wearing a lace frock while accepting a flower arranging award when she and my Dad lived in Japan. And most significantly there’s the white pumps — more on them in a moment.


You last saw this full grey skirt when I wore it with a form fitting twinset. But I prefer this skirt worn with a roomy crew neck pullover and banded bottom because it feels more on trend. Loose, but structured in all the right places. The skirt swooshes quite loudly as I stride, which together with my clicking heels makes for a rather loud outfit. Volume in more ways than one! Outfits that make sounds can be fun to wear. 

Bomber Full

Greg surprised me with this lace bomber jacket last Christmas, and it’s surprisingly versatile. It works over all sorts of dresses, trousers, jeans, harem pants, denim cut-offs, pencil skirts, and full skirts. I always wear it open and enjoy its sporty integrity juxtaposed with ladylike items like this retro midi. The black lace is backed with a light grey jersey which creates the effect of a pattern. So there is a bit of subtle pattern mixing going on. 

Bomber Full 2

Bomber Close

Hapag Lloyd Container Ship

Bomber Full No Bag

I popped on these white pointy toed pumps for the first time, looked at my feet, and sat down to catch my breath. They are Mama’s feet in her favourite shaped shoe — the elegant, refined, pretty pump. We even wore the same shoe size and have identical long toes. Light coloured footwear is very much part of my style, and to say it is a joy to wear these white pumps is an understatement. At the moment, I want to wear them with everything. 

I finished off the look with retro specs to match the retro flavour of the outfit. The daytime clutch is a modern addition, while the gold watch and wedding ring are constants for my style. And of course, I switched over to Team Gold three years ago. And gold is the only metal Mama ever wore. 

Like Yvonne

The happiness factor of this outfit is through the roof because its elements remind me of Mama, and Greg bought me the lace bomber. It doesn’t hurt that the neon pink pullover also reminds me of the glorious ’80s, one of my favourite fashion eras.

Jumper Close

Jumper Full


Without deliberately planning it this way, I’m seeing more similarities between my Mum’s style and my own over time. Mama was all about ladylike looks, refinement, and pretty things. More and more I’m feeling the need to step up the ladylike aspect of my style when things get just a little too tomboy. Whatever the reason for it, our blossoming style similarity is very comforting to me. It’s been thirteen years since Mama passed away, and my memories of her aren’t as clear as they used to be. Seeing myself in items that remind me of her rekindles precious memories that I want to keep close to my heart and top of my mind. Not all daughters are close to their mothers, but I was, and that’s why I want to keep her style spirit alive inside of me. 

Mama, with our little Jasmine by your side, I know you can see us from your big fluffy cloud in the sky. I think about you daily and wonder how you would react to all sorts of situations. It is so incredibly sad that we can’t share YLF with you, because fashion, along with the kids, dogs, and flowers was your thing. But please don’t feel left out. Know that you are still in my head and always in my heart when I make purchase decisions for my wardrobe. You’ve taught me so much, and I miss you so much. You will forever be an incomparable role model, who today at age 72 would have rocked my style world with the best of them. Guaranteed. 

We at YLF wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day.