Spring items are hitting stores and as always, I am most excited about the new season right at the start of its cycle. I start visualizing my refreshed Spring and Summer look when designers showcase their collections at the major Fashion Weeks, which was September and October last year. From then on I keep a very flexible list, and more recently a pinboard, of trends and items that intrigue me as I update my wardrobe. 

With my style goals in mind, this is what’s on my Spring and Summer 2013 shopping list so far:

  • Jeans: I’ve passed on all my body con skinnies so my denim capsule needs refreshing. My straight leg white jeans are shot and I need another pair of faded jeans that aren’t cropped like my boyfriend jeans. So I’m looking for roomier pairs of white jeans and faded jeans. 
  • Floral blazer: A fresh and romantic piece for a cool Seattle Summer. 
  • Tuxedo shirts: I’m thinking of making them a wardrobe essential both in white and light blue.
  • Slouchy white trousers: They’ll make a nice change to jeans. 
  • Pastel trouser suit: I’m toying with the idea because it’s so fably ’80s. And seeing as we are attending a wedding in July, this could be the right outfit for the occasion. 
  • Long slouchy shorts: I haven’t seen these in stores yet, but they are supposed to be trending. 
  • T-shirt blouse: We saw them appear in Zara a few months ago, a blouse cut in the shape of a roomy t-shirt, and I’d like to get a couple to wear in the same way that I wear my button down shirts. 
  • Flat oxfords: I’ve walked my black and white flat oxfords into the ground so I’m looking some space-age-y silver flat oxfords as a replacement. 
  • Pointy toe flats or pumps: Not sure about the colours or patterns yet, but I’m 100% into pointy toed footwear. 
  • White Booties: To wear with the longer shorts and perhaps existing dresses and skirts. 

Our Springs feel like Winter and are Summers are short, so I have to keep my shopping weakness under control this season. Nothing on this list is cast in stone, and I reserve the right to change my mind as the shopping season unfolds. Father Christmas kindly kickstarted my Spring wardrobe with a black lace bomber jacket and two toned waxed denim jacket, so I’m feeling seasonally refreshed already. 

Over to you. What’s on your Spring and Summer 2013 shopping list?