It’s finally happened. After being on a trouser kick for two years, I miss my skirts and dresses. I’m still off pencil skirts, but full skirts, YES PLEASE. So I’ve been wearing my little black godet skirt quite a bit this year. The way it moves, swishes and flips when I stride makes me very happy. So Greg, who bought the skirt for my birthday last year, named it my Happy Skirt. This skirt is now more nostalgic than ever. 


You’ve seen the happy skirt dressed up with lace, pearls, patent and heels. Although it’s fun to dress up, I wear the skirt more frequently dressed down because I’m often on the go. I’ve worn this outfit a few times this year and it’s really comfortable.

Jumper Close

I do not like to wear formfitting tops with this particular skirt. Somehow it takes away from the movement of the outfit. So I always choose a blouse or pullover with a relaxed fit, not oversized, but looser around the midriff whilst tailored on top. This cashmere jumper is the black and cream striped version of its persimmon sister. The silhouette is versatile because it works equally well with skirts, jeans, long shorts, harem pants and trousers. I wish I had snapped up a few more colours because it’s becoming a wardrobe essential. 

The two-toned topper with waxed sleeves was a Christmas present, which has been coming out to play as the weather warms up. I am elated with the sleeve length, because my gorilla length arms often mean that sleeve lengths are short. These sleeves are actually too long, but the waxed fabrication causes them to scrunch on their own, which forgives the extra long length. The waxed sleeves however, also make it hard to layer over a coat (too much friction). So I’ve been wearing this combination on days when I’m not outside too much. Like when I’m moving directly from a heated car to a heated store or client’s home, and not feeling cold. 

Heart Full

Heart Close

I like to button up the top two or three buttons of this jacket, pop the collar, while the rest of it hangs open. It’s a different way to wear a denim jacket with a skirt or dress which makes for a nice change. Although the jacket has a tailored fit, it reminds me of those fashionably trendy baseball jackets that are bomber-esque. I guess it’s because of the two-toned sleeves and pronounced buttoned front. I also like to wear the jacket open.  

Buttoned Up

I finished off the outfit with cream go-go boots, a cognac and neon clutch, gold watch, wedding ring, nude hose, and white specs. The go-go boots are six years old and one of my prized possessions. I used to wear them a lot more, but they’re unfortunately quite beaten up from too much wear. I’m trying to preserve them a little by only sporting them in Spring. They are extremely comfortable, a great fit, in one of my favourite colours, and the perfect heel height for my fussy feet. This makes them virtually irreplaceable and I’ll keep them going for as long as I can. 



I’m day-clutching several times a week because the bag style makes my outfits feel refreshed. A white clutch worked as well with the outfit, but I can’t resist a bit of blinding neon on a grey Seattle day. I’m also into wearing nude hose these days. It’s a great way to stay warm and have the bare leg aesthetic. To have matched this outfit with sheer or textured black hose would have felt awfully Wintery and too dark. 

This is not a trendy or fashion forward outfit. It’s more of a retro-classic mix with a few on trend elements to make it feel current. It’s pretty, quite girly, and ever so slightly twee. Neither tough nor tomboy. It’s fun and comfortable to wear skirts that move, which puts an extra spring in my step.