It hasn’t stopped raining for days, which made for a rather damp photo shoot. With weatherproofed footwear and umbrella in hand we took these photos in a park a few minutes away from home alongside the prettiest Autumn trees I’ve seen this year. This weather is a Seattle reality so the shoot felt particularly authentic. 

I’ve worn this exact outfit many times this season for three reasons. One, the ’80s vibe of the trousers brings back fond memories. Two, it’s extra comfortable because it’s not that fitted. And three, Greg loves the combination. Those are ample reasons to repeat an outfit from head to toe, don’t you think? 

You’ve seen these glen plaid tapered and pleated wool trousers before. I can wear them belted tight and higher at the waist. Or I can drop the waistband, add a low rise belt, and create a slouchy effect at the crotch point. Manipulating the fit in this way in turn creates a baggier look over the thigh and hip, and more leg scrunch. Wearing trousers styled like this is not everyone’s cup of tea. For me it’s a fun departure from tailored trousers or skinnies, while my tapered hems stay dry in the rain.

The bateau neck persimmon pullover from J.Crew is new and I’m thrilled with it. It’s warm, retro, non-itchy, and just the right shade of bright to keep up your spirits on a gloomy day. I also like the looser torso fit and banded bottom. I hope to snap up the same pullover in another colour over the next few months because the style makes a nice change from my crew and turtlenecks. 

I didn’t want to fully tuck the pullover, and I did want to showcase part of the polka dot belt — my favourite belt of all time. I don’t normally do the half tuck, but I do like what I call a “faux half tuck”. I untuck the pullover, but pull it up in front to hook the hem over the top of the belt to expose the pattern. It’s the banded bottom that makes my faux half tuck work because the band allows the pullover to taper back onto my waist without having to actually half tuck the top. 

I don’t know how I lived without my cream snakeskin booties because I wear them all the time. So much so that I am thinking of duplicating them. So versatile and comfortable. My old patent doctor’s bag is great for the rain because it’s pretty weatherproof. I also like how it creates a strong contrast against the cream coat. 

I’ve had this cream coat for a couple of years and fall in love with it a little more each year. I’m more than happy traipsing around in cream, despite the damp streets of rainy Seattle. It’s impractical for sure, but feeling pretty and chic in cream far outweighs my need for practicality. We all have an impractical component in our style, and sporting cream outerwear, bags and footwear in a dirty urban city is mine.