Pablo Picasso is my favourite artist. I don’t fancy all of his work, but the happy and colourful abstract female nude and still life pieces conjure up a positive emotion that I can’t quite explain. It’s partly thrilling, partly soothing and always breathtaking. I just can’t get enough of his pure artistic genius.

I’ve seen Picasso’s work in art museums in Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona, but when I heard that a collection of his favourite pieces covering every phase of his legendary career was coming to Seattle’s Art Museum (SAM), I was even more excited. So Greg and I took ourselves off to see the exhibition over Thanksgiving weekend – and it was KILLER.

It was a cold and overcast November’s day so warm clothes and boots were in order. I deliberately chose a completely neutral outfit so that it wouldn’t detract from Picasso’s colourful art if we got the chance to take some pictures alongside my favourite pieces. So there are deliberately no pops of colour in my outfit– not even lipstick.

Even though we were going to view a collection of incomparable creativity, I chose a classic ensemble over an arty and trendy one. Call me crazy, but somehow, viewing Picasso’s work in a neutrally toned, clean cut, classic outfit felt respectfully right.

I paired a grey pencil skirt with a black turtleneck. I look more curvy when I wear form fitting items like these, which makes for a nice change. I further matched black and grey argyle hose with patent low wedged weatherproof boots and a Lanvin inspired ribbon and pearl necklace. I chose my retro cats eye specs, cream and black studded Michael Kors satchel, and topped off the outfit with a cream, dropped waist military coat.  Apart from the cream coat and hose, these components are between one and four years old – all wardrobe work horses.

The gigantic banners advertising Picasso’s collection on the outside Museum walls were fabulous. A huge orange wall with white lettering and a mesmerizing black and white photograph of Picasso. This is the closest I’m going to get to being photographed with my artistic hero.