Forum member and good friend Antje mentioned in the comments section that wearing something “nostalgic” contributed to the happiness factor of her outfits. Oh my goodness,YES. This resonates very strongly with me. 

An entire outfit, the design of a single item in the outfit, a particular colour, or the way you are wearing an item can create happy feelings of nostalgia. They are also created when someone special bought a fabulous wardrobe item for you. Or when you wear something that belonged to someone special. Or what you’re wearing reminds you of a great time in your life. 

This is another way that fashion and style is about more than just our comfort and appearance. Like a special song or place, our clothes can connect us with something meaningful in our past.

I’m nostalgic about any outfit that incorporates an item that Greg chose for me. I love my retro lace blouse because my Papa bought it for my birthday. I seldom wear jewelry, but when I do, I love wearing one of my late Mum’s old gold pieces because it reminds me of her wearing them when I was a little girl. And my black power suit and cream wedges will forever remind me of our incredible trip to Japan. 

I just bought a fab pair of jeans, True Religon’s Cameron, and realized the reason I’m smitten is because they remind me of my much loved Levis 501s back in 1990. Non-stretch, stiff, button-fly, low-ish rise and a baggy fit. I love ’80s inspired looks because I had so much fun with fashion when I was a teen despite wearing a school uniform five days a week. 

I don’t have nostalgic feelings about my outfits every day, but experience them frequently enough to realize that they are extremely important to me. How about you?