It is quite popular on the YLF forum for members to describe their style using a short, catchy descriptor like “Urban Warrior Princess”. In the past I used a set of fashion personas as a shorthand for describing the styles that my clients tend towards, but these new descriptors are better because they don’t come from a fixed list and people are adding new ones all the time. This means that they are more descriptive and more personal than the fashion personas ever were.

Style descriptors like these are lighthearted and fun, but they are also functional. The process of thinking about your style descriptor might help you to narrow down and articulate your style goals — an important tool for effective shopping. They are also a way to quickly communicate your style to others.

And did I mention they were FUN. We recently had a creative explosion of style descriptors on the forum and here are some of the ones that emerged: Elegant Eclectic, Sleek Urban Princess, Bohemian Prairie Girl, Rocker Warrior Queen, Gamine Eclectic, Business Bombshell, Arty Eclectic, Earthy Urban Chic, Modern Classic Queen, Romantic Diva, Sci-fi Urban Knight, Urban Pretty, Urban Prince, Fun Flirty Princess, Steampunk Girly Tomboy, Cycle Chic Tomboy, Quirky Warrior Waif, Elegant Tomboy, Boho Preppy Queen, Funky Prepster, Pacific Urban, Trendy Fashionista, Bohemian Hippie and Eclectic Princess.

So if you like the idea, have a bash at coining your own style descriptor and tell us about it in the comments section. Feel free to remix the descriptors above, or even use one of them as is if it captures your style. And be sure to tell us why it suits you.