This trend caught my attention because it’s a more subtle and sophisticated take on the colour block trend. I enjoy a colour blocked topper made up of clashing bright colours because the effect is happy, eye-catching, mod and fun. But I like the styles shown below just as much because their severity and strictness appeals to me too. 

These two toned toppers are neutral, and in many cases the sleeves are black and in a different fabrication to the rest of the item. An item that is made of several types of colour blocked fabrications supports the “Mixed Media Trend”. 

The colour blocked effect of the sleeves can be low or high contrast. Personally, I prefer the effect of the less dramatic lower contrast sleeves. That way the topper can function as a solid colour and is easier to mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe. I can also control the level of drama in my outfit with the low colour contrast. You’ve got “built-in drama” with high contrasting sleeves, so you’ve got a maximal and eye-catching statement no matter what.

I like this trend with low contrast sleeves because it feels different to wearing a solid topper, yet it’s as versatile as its solid counterpart. Mixed media also adds textural interest to your outfit, which is especially effective when sporting a monochromatic look from head to toe.  

I like this trend so much that I’ve asked Father Christmas for one of these jackets. Would you sport a two toned topper? And if so, do you prefer the sleeves in a high or low contrast colour?