You are on Team Expectation if you prefer to receive a gift of style that is not a surprise. You let the gift giver know what you want, either specifically or from a list, so it’s a known quantity. You are on Team Surprise if you prefer to receive gifts of style that are a surprise and unexpected. You have little or no idea what is inside the gifted package before you open it.

I’m really torn here. Generally, I don’t like surprises of any nature. I would find a surprise party or trip very stressful because I don’t like things sprung on me. But there is something extra special about receiving a package and not knowing what’s inside. The mystery is magical. And when you love your gift of style, it’s quite the euphoric feeling.

The flip side to this is when you receive a gift of style that does not tickle your fancy. Sometimes you can’t return the item, or you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the gift giver so you keep it but seldom wear it. In this case, Team Expectation makes perfect sense because that way you’re sure to love your gift and wear it. But the magical element of the surprise is gone. It’s a trade off. 

In a perfect world I would be Team Surprise. But I am harder and harder to shop for these days so Team Expectation makes more sense because choosing my own stylish gift means it’s a slam dunk. I’ll love it and wear it. But being surprised with the perfect stylish gift cannot be beat. So I’m sitting this one out on the bench with one of my favourite sweets, South African melktert, and a cup of tea. 

Over to you. Are you Team Expectation or Team Surprise when it comes to receiving gifts of style? Tell us why and no batting for both sides.