There is something fabulously fun, feminine and carefree about soft, loose items that move as you stride, whether it’s in the form of a flared midi skirt that swooshes against your legs, or these trousers pictured here. They look fab when you’re standing still, but they look sensational in motion. The visual effect is casually chic and elegant. 

Soft wide trouser outfits look fab when there are hints of structure in the outfit. So show some skin by scrunching sleeves, wearing lower necklines and tailored sandals, or baring your arms. Create further structure by wearing a formfitting top or tucking in a looser top. And if you’re going to wear a looser untucked top, wear one with a high-low hemline, a banded bottom, or cropped length.

When the fabrics are lightweight and breathable these outfits are a very practical way to get breezy coverage in warm weather.

I don’t wear wide and loose trousers because I can’t handle the excess fabric flapping around my feet and ankles. And when I walk fast, the flapping is hectic. So I prefer to wear soft flared midi skirts to create that same happy and romantic feeling of outfit movement. But I do adore these simple, unstructured wide trouser outfits on others. How about you?

Flowing Sarong TrousersFlowing Sarong Trousers