I have been wearing my skirts and dresses more frequently this year, and was going to show you one of those outfits next. But Greg was not on board with this. He wanted to rather do one of the outfits I wore last week, which is one of his favourites and, he says, epitomizes my Spring style. Light, lots of white, modern, simple, relaxed and cozy. 

I am now, more than ever, besotted with white jeans. I have three pairs and wear them at least twice a week, which includes wearing them back in Winter. Most of my Spring and Summer tops and toppers look better with white jeans. More modern, fresh, clean and somehow prettier. And very bright, which is what attracts me to white items in the first place.

Full Outfit

Jacket Close Up

My absolutely favourite trend of the year is wearing white on white, which means wearing white or shades of white together in an outfit. I’ve always worn lots of white, but have amped things up in 2013. I love how shades of white look both sterile and soft, and both cool and warm. Shades of white are seasonless and make me feel feminine when I wear them. In my style world, white jeans, and shirts for that matter, possess magical powers and I’m completely under their spell.

Notice Board Close Up

Notice Board

None of the items in this outfit are new apart from the patterned pullover which I bought with a store credit at Club Monaco back in January. It’s been frequently worn over the last few months because it’s light in colour, warm, and with a slightly relaxed fit. Wearing relaxed fits, either a little roomy or very roomy, are one of THE most important ways to update your style. And I’m all for it. 



I still pattern mix my outfits, but not nearly as strongly as I did last year. I’m into creating a lower contrast between the patterned items in my outfit at the moment, just to change things up. Belts and footwear are still my favourite ways to pattern mix outfits, so I added a black and bone polka dot belt to the optic white jeans and off-white patterned pullover. It’s faux tucked above the belt because of the welt on the pullover — a look I like more for my style than the semi tuck. I added another pattern by wearing snakeskin booties. Although this outfit includes a bit of black and neon, it’s essentially white from head to toe.


Full Outfit 2

Greg’s favourite part is the way the cream in the booties picks up the cream leather jacket and bookends the ensemble. This jacket is a five year old wardrobe workhorse, which I hope to have for at least another five years. Retro black specs, gold watch, wedding ring and citron daytime clutch finish off the look. I thought about wearing my white clutch to make the outfit even more white. But I can’t resist a little blinding neon on a grey Seattle day because it cheers me up. And that’s that. 

Belt Pattern

Wearing a virtually all white outfit while I’m on the go in the pouring rain makes me smile. Impractical for some, but feels so right for me. And as long as I don’t spill my tea, I don’t get that dirty. So this is precisely what I wore last Friday while out shopping downtown with a client on a typical wet Seattle Spring day. We were in and out of shops on the street, not a shopping mall, from 10 till 6 with umbrella in hand. We walked at a fast and purposeful pace and had a productive and fabulous time. My client got the white jeans bug that day and came home with two pairs! Go Team White Jeans.