In my Spring 2013 colour forecast I suggested that white is the colour of the season, closely followed by blue. Note that by white I mean all shades of white. From optical white, off-white and bone, to oyster, cream and stone.  

Spring fashions are coming through and there’s already a large assortment of white items in retail stores. White items usually appear further into a Spring and Summer fashion season because it’s thought of as a “high Summer colour”. This thinking is dated and these days all shades of white can be worn year round.  

Not only can white be worn year round, but also from head to toe, or both on top and bottom. We see the white on white every season, but this year we’ll be seeing it trending in full force. White jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, knitwear, jackets, coats, bags, footwear, watches, eyewear, and accessories — you name it. And the idea is to wear many white pieces in one outfit. 

The outfits below provide good visuals of how to wear shades of white both on the top and the bottom. Sometimes the shoes and accessories provide a low or high contrasting effect. And sometimes they are in another shade of white. Although these pictures don’t show the combination, mixing in metallic footwear and accessories is another option. And metallic or very light grey clothing can also be successfully mixed into an all white outfit. For further inspiration check out the pinboard I am filling with street style looks showcasing the white on white trend.

I LOVE this trend. It conjures up feelings of both sterility and coziness. It is warm, yet cool. Modern yet classic. Fussy yet no-nonsense. Crisp yet soft. As much as I like creating a high contrast between items in my outfit, I also adore the pretty effect of wearing so much white. It feels soothing and makes me happy. It’s one of my style goals to wear and purchase more white this year and I’m making progress. 

I don’t have many clients who enjoy wearing the white on white trend. Many like it from a distance on others, but do not want to sport the look themselves. They feel it’s impractical, too angelic, or makes them look larger than they are. Some like to wear white, but only one item at a time, and usually with something that creates a stronger contrast. Others prefer wearing dark colours. And others feel that they don’t look good in white no matter how they slice and dice it. 

I believe that we can all wear a shade of white, and that white bottoms do not make you look larger if the fit and fabric are just right. What’s your take on this trend? How do you feel about wearing shades of white both on the top and bottom? Or do you prefer to sport one white item at a time. Or do you not like wearing white at all.

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