Wearing patterned items and pattern mixed outfits was extremely popular in 2011 and even more so in 2012. Runway shows and retailers showed an explosion of patterns and virtually every catalogue and lookbook showcased pattern mixed outfits in some form or another. It was quite the Pattern Party. 

As I look onto Spring and Fall 2013, patterns and pattern mixing are still strong trends, although probably not as as strong as the two preceding years. After all, parties do eventually come to an end. So my question is whether you’re all pattern partied out, or do you still have pattern energy to spare. 

I’m slightly pattern partied out and need to rest up. I have lots of patterns across all items in my wardrobe that I will happily continue wearing. Patterns make me happy, pack that extra punch, and I especially enjoy wearing patterned belts and footwear. I also enjoy pattern mixing my outfits. But after I’ve found my floral jacket and replaced my worn out striped Summer pullover, that will be it. If I do add more pattern it will only be through footwear and belts. 

How about you?