Fashion is often cyclical and at some point in our style journey we will start to say things like “I had a top just like that 25 years ago!”. Or, “those trousers are very similar to what I wore back in the ’90s”. Or, “that outfit makes me think of my style in the ’70s”. 

Some people, even some style gurus, say that if you wore a trend the first time round you shouldn’t wear it again when it comes back into fashion. 

I don’t understand this thinking. Why on earth would you not wear something again several years later if you still love the trend?

If you loved a trend way back when, if you like the new interpretation of the trend, and if you feel that it fits your style persona and body type, you certainly have my blessing. Why not? Obviously, if the repeated trend no longer maps back to your style persona or works with your body type, by all means pass on the trend. No one expects you to wear a trend that gives you bad flashbacks. But bring on the good flashbacks! 

As a somewhat nostalgic dresser, I find myself deliberately purchasing trends that I loved to wear back in the day. Just recently, I purchased a roomy white silky pullover in a thick loose gauge knit because it brought back the best memories of 1987. Only this time round I left off the shoulder pads. I purchased a citron blouse with shoulder pads three years ago because I loved wearing shoulder pads in the ’80s. I purchased a plaid shirt last year because I adored wearing them in the early ’90s. I’m all over flat oxfords, pointy toes, and white footwear because I’m an ’80s gal at heart, and that means wearing brights like neon and shocking pink too. 

These are just a few examples, but my wardrobe is full of them. I wear the same trends decades apart in new ways because it’s important to add a current element to your style. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be wearing trends I loved the second time round. I hope to wear them the third time round too. 

How do you feel about wearing trends the second time round? Yes, no or maybe?