This is what I will be wearing to our holiday parties this year. In fact, I’ve already worn the ensemble without the topper to our first holiday do a couple of weeks ago. Although I still love the idea of wearing flashy trousers to fancy occasions, I had already bought this dress from Zara. It’s warm and comfortable, fits well and has sleeves. 

When I look back at my holiday ensemble from this time last year, it’s clear that my February style epiphany has had an impact. Stripping down my outfits to fewer elements, wearing virtually no accessories, sticking to clean lines and simple silhouettes feels so very right for this leg of my style journey. I am Team Minimal all the way. 

This metallic dress is a good example of sparkle sans the sequins. It has lurex thread running through the nylon polycotton blend, giving it its shine. With this amount of sparkle, there is no need for extra bling. As much as I like sequined garments, a lurex-rich fabrication is more subtle, comfortable and less scratchy for my fussy skin. When I saw this dress it was love at first sight. The high neckline, long sleeves and midi length are right up my style alley. 

This frock looks nice with an assortment of my toppers, from faux fur vest and biker jacket, to pinstripe grey suit blazer and sparkly black quilted wrap. But I was in the mood for “extra-simple” so I opted for my cropped black tuxedo blazer. As strange as it sounds, I don’t only scrunch my sleeves to add textural interest to the outfit. I also like to expose my forearms and wrists. Others like to bare a bit of leg — I like to bare a bit of forearm. 

The finishing touches to the outfit are neutral because tomato red and animal print are my virtual neutrals. My red Kate Spade pumps, which you’ve seen many times, are still my favourite party shoes despite being five years old. I have switched to Team Gold, so gold watch and wedding ring it is. Black micro fishnets are still my number one choice of formal hose along with retro black specs.

I’m also wearing a new, warm toned short strap clutch that I bought during my research for one clutch to rule them all. I’m in a very lady-like style mood this year, so the design of this handbag tickled my toes. I enjoy wearing it both as a true clutch and shoulder bag.  

My party make-up is on, which means extra blush and red lipstick along with the usual daily mascara and eyebrow pencil. All that’s left to do is spread the good cheer!