When I first saw this very fringe trend at Zara and H&M last year, I didn’t give it a second glance. But this year I’m loving the vibe. I guess I can attribute it to my current love affair with trousers. Oh, how things can change! This trend incorporates a glorious ’70s disco appeal mixed in with a hint of fab ’80s fashion. Come to think of it, it’s no wonder that I like it. 

As much as I adore a skinny and super slim trouser silhouette, it’s the baggy and flared styles that appeal to me more when the fabric is shiny and flashy. If I had a fun party to go to for the holidays, I’d definitely explore these flashy trouser options instead of another dress. I’d keep the top VERY simple, which means tucking in a plain button down shirt or a form fitting black turtleneck. I would be scrunching the sleeves and adding some heels. I also like the idea of adding my strict and classic pinstripe Theory blazer to create a contrast with the very bling-y trousers. To my eye, this would be a cool ensemble if you kept the integrity sophisticated.

What’s your verdict? If it’s not something that you would wear, can you appreciate the look on others?