I’m having an unexpected love affair with trousers at the moment. The last time I was into trousers was in the ’80s, wearing tapered and pleated high-waisted styles in bold checked patterns. Well, now that the silhouette is back in fashion I am once again all over the look in solid tweeds and glen plaids. The “new silhouette” has rekindled my love for trousers in general, making my silky harem pants a constant favourite. I’m also enjoying wearing my pinstriped suit trousers with blouses and faux fur vest.

Speaking of faux fur vests, I’m really into wearing mine with skirts, trousers, jeans and dresses, which I didn’t do last season because I couldn’t find the right faux fur item. I’m making the most of it before it’s too cold to wear the combination.

I’m also drawn to delicate jewelry and blue streaked hair. I can’t tell you exactly why, but the looks are tickling my fancy.

I am continuing my overall quest to strip down my style, wearing simple ensembles with few or no accessories. I am absolutely happiest with my outfits when they have fewer components. This is going to prove harder in Winter because I easily feel cold and like to pack on layers. So the trick will be to look like I’m wearing only a few layers, even though I’m layered to the hilt. 

Over to you. Have you noticed how your Autumn style preferences have changed this season?