I can’t think of a better way to describe this concept than “the blousey twin set”. Both layers are the same colour, like the original twin set that is made up of two knitwear layers, only this time the bottom layer is a blouse. You could also view it as a more cozy, comfortable and relaxed combination than a jacket and blouse in the same colour. 

I’m not a cardigan girl, but blouse combinations always pique my interest. I find the combination of the same colour silky blouse and fine gauge V-neck sweater simple, clean and strong. To my eye, it’s a more texture rich, alluring, and modern combination than a double layer of sweaters. The scrunched sleeves add extra interest. 

Woven silky blouses are not your only choice of bottom layer here. Think of other luxurious fabrications, like crushed velvet and sequin tops. Dressy and drapey knitted tops can achieve a similar effect, although technically, knitted tops are not blouses.

The colours that J.Crew is offering in the combination are particularly appealing because they add an edge to the look. An item in an atypical colour can take the vibe from classic to more edgy. For example, the concept looks classic in grey, brown, navy and tan, but more hip and modern in unusual colours like brights and blush. Please look past the bubble gum pink if you don’t like the colour. I used it because it was the only example where the model is wearing both items in one outfit. 

It’s a versatile top combination that works both for casual and business casual settings. For example, wear it over bootcut and tapered trousers, or a pencil skirt for an office setting. Or with jeans and boots for casual settings. It’s also a great match for leather skirts and pants

Remember that it’s HOW you put the outfit together that will give it either a classic, arty, romantic, urban or spunky integrity. The blousey twin set can look fun and interesting if you want it to. What are your thoughts on this matchy-matchy combination?