It took me a while to name this poll. I could have used Team Simple and Team Complex, and I even considered the acronyms Team LIM (Less is More), and Team ALGO (A Lot Going On), but I finally settled on Team Minimal and Team Maximal.

You are on Team Minimal if you prefer simple, crisp outfits. You believe that less is more. You wear few visible layers and accessories. You also prefer clothing and footwear with clean lines. Team Minimal does not necessarily have boring style. Your style can be strong, bold, colourful AND minimal. 

You are on Team Maximal if you prefer complex outfits. You have a lot going on. You wear lots of visible layers and accessories in one ensemble. You adore complicated design details and like to mix several patterns at once. Team Maximal does not necessarily have a cluttered style. Your style can be coherent, impactful AND maximal.

Until my mid 30’s I batted for Team Maximal. I loved wearing lots of visible layers, and several accessories at once.  I was also bolder at pattern mixing. Things started to change as I approached 40. I still wore high contrast outfits and lots of colour, but I began to simplify my look.

These days I want to leave off most accessories. I want to wear simple silhouettes in beautiful fabrications without the bells and whistles. I do not want to mix my patterns. I am no longer interested in complex design details. I challenge myself to come up with a strong outfit that has few components. I bat for Team Minimal, and it feels completely right for this leg of my style journey. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Minimal or on Team Maximal. Remember that there is no right and wrong here. Simple styles are as killer as Complex styles.