A while back I wrote a post on four ways to wear bright shoes and the guidelines are still valid. Here is a fast recap on how to integrate non-neutral shoes into an outfit, with one new guideline.
  1. Pick up a colour in a top with your shoes
  2. Match up bright shoes with the same colour handbag or belt
  3. Wear bright shoes with a neutral ensemble
  4. Wear several brights of the same intensity
  5. Match bright shoes with a scarf or necklace that picks up the same colour

Number 5 is the new addition, and has gone down particularly well with my clients because it pulls together your outfit without it feeling overly matchy-matchy. The following pairings between accessory and footwear illustrate this point.

I incorporate my bright shoes in all of these ways, favouring methods 3 and 4. How do you like to wear your non-neutral footwear?