We recently discussed how the right lightweight and streamlined leather jacket can add a fashion forward twist to a classic business casual capsule. Straight leg or tapered trousers can have a similar effect. 

For the last few seasons I’ve been suggesting a more tapered trouser leg to my clients who are bored of wearing classic boot cut trousers in a conservative office environment. Well ladies, actions speak louder than words, and here is my gorgeous client Christy putting a new pair of black straight leg trousers through their paces. 

Petite Christy stands at 5 feet 2 inches and works full time in the financial sector. It is important that she look and feel polished, professional, pulled together and approachable. Christy also adores shopping and fashion, so she’s always looking for ways to inject newness and pizazz into her daily outfits.  When she excitedly emailed me to ask for my opinion on her straight leg trouser work look, I squealed with joy. “YES, Christy!”. I love the outfits and you look every bit as authoritative and fab in this trouser style as you do in flared silhouettes. Plus, you eliminated the need of committing to a heel height in order to sport perfect pant lengths. Welcome to the joys of wearing tapered trousers. 

Thanks to hubby Dan, who kindly took these photos of Christy modeling her business casual straight leg trouser looks in their back garden. Not easy when you have kids running around for Mum’s attention after a hard days work!

Christy, who bats for Team Neutral and Team Heels, takes the dressing formula that she uses for dress slacks and pencil skirts and uses it to complete the outfits with straight leg trousers. The other components in the formula are:  

woven blouse + tailored jacket + chunky necklacesmashing statement heels

Christy’s outfit strategy works like a charm, making the new trouser silhouette an easy integration. She is thrilled with the result because it changes up her outfits. Christy is now more keen than ever to inject trendier items into her work look. As long as the outfits are modest and grounded with classic pieces, she will feel office appropriate. 

Thanks for sharing your new work look, Christy. And for being a wonderful client. You are one stylish lady rocking your classic pieces with fashionable trends in a conservative office setting. And most importantly, you’re having fun putting your outfits together. That REALLY tickles my toes.