For me this is the most difficult poll to date. For my style I rely heavily on the high contrast combinations of black, white or cream, but also love to wear bright pops of saturated colour. More than ever I want to bat for both teams. Decisions!

I’m going with Team Neutrals for two reasons. My wardrobe would not function without black, white and cream, AND, I consider red to be a neutral. So while I love, love, love bright colours like citron, apple green, turquoise, coral and fuchsia, I could not live without the timeless, mod, strong and graphic combinations of black and white. I’m a Chanel gal at heart and probably always will be.

For this poll Colours refers to any shade: muted, pastel, jewel toned or bright. Neutrals refer to black, white, cream, grey, brown, tan, navy, ink blue, caramel and red. Are you Team Neutrals or Team Colours? Tell us why and regretfully, you have to pick a side.