I can’t remember whether “fanny packs”, “bum bags” or “moon bags” were a late 80’s or early 90’s thing. Either way, they’re a fringe statement for Autumn, only this time round they’re called waist bags, belt bags or hip bags.

The writing was on the wall when models sported waist bags in the Fall collections during New York Fashion Week in February this year. It’s really fun to see the accessory trickle down to stores so fast.

Some of the styles are more refined than what we saw 20 years ago while others look just the same. I didn’t wear a waist bag gracefully the first time round but am determined to do so now. I love a fashion challenge so I’m in and vote yay. That and I’m all over the utilitarian integrity of the accessory.

I have the studded MK pouch with belt below on order and I can’t wait to experiment with the look. I plan to wear it over sheath dresses, shirts, jackets and jeans. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts. What’s your take on the waist bag? Is it a great hands free solution or an awful abomination?

Heavy Metal Compassion Waist BagBelt with Studded PouchChain Belt with Bag