Goldenpig loves this black Chanel-style vintage princess coat worn by Solanah from Vixen Vintage. One word: KILLER. 

Mo likes the retrospective of different red pant looks on J’s Everyday Fashion. It’s good inspiration if you’re stuck on how to wear your own bright denim. 

Jonesy loved reading about the annual London Tweed Run in Susie Bubble’s blog. Everyone gets dressed up in old timey tweed outfits and leisurely rides around on bicycles saying things like “Good day, sir.” I’m in. How about you? 

Michelle was at a party recently and ran into a delightful man who has a real interest in formal dress for men. He’s since developed a great web resource on this very topic called the Black Tie Guide, which is a gentleman’s guide to evening wear. 

Suz enjoyed this BBC video about Toronto’s thriving vintage clothing scene. If you watch to the end, as a bonus you’ll be introduced to a group of people who combine their love of vintage fashion with their love of cycling. Makes for a really interesting take on cycling style.

Bella likes this little post on 4 ways to knot a belt because it offers several options depending on the length of the belt. 

I recently wrote about pairing lumberjack plaid with sequins and Kyle would like to point out Atlantic Pacific’s breathtaking interpretation. Forum member Taylor actually linked to the same outfit when she commented on my post. 

Inge, who has diaries and organizers on her mind at the moment, was intrigued that Alice Temperley is working with Filofax to create two limited edition organisers. The launch is planned for London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012.

Vildy liked Rae’s great photo tutorial on how proportion changes a look.

Scarlet recently found a blog called “I want to be her” by Andrea Linett, formerly creative director of Lucky. Scarlet likes the format, and wants to be this lady.

Kappy found that DPi, “The Most Diverse Printer” makes custom printed scarves in silk and cotton based on your own design. Best of all, they will do single quantities for reasonable prices.  

Laurinda couldn’t help but smile when Gertie from Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing finished sewing a robin’s egg blue raglan sleeve coat from Vogue’s 1952 New Book for Better Sewing. 

Theory and Practice found this cool video on how to successfully apply dramatic cat eye make-up without botching things up

Veteran forum member Michelle, who has been blind since infancy, will make you see style in a whole new way. Check out her interview on Inside Out Style. Michelle is inspirational to say the least.