Guest Post
Today we bring back fabulous forum veteran, Aida, who works in the tech industry. Everett, about an hour outside downtown Seattle, is her home town, so who better to relay the events of this fun day in the North Sound.

After a week of drizzly, gray weather I happily awoke to sunshine early on the morning of the Everett YLF meet-up. This would be my second meet-up, and I felt extra excited because this one was happening close to my own home; a chance for me to share some of my local haunts. As I was pulling up to the restaurant, The Vintage, I spotted a lady in an amazing bustled dress and tall lace-up boots across the street and realized it was Andrea (Random Thoughts). I managed to park while waving and grinning at Andrea (OK I parked first and then waved, don’t worry!).

Once inside Andrea and I chatted away like good old friends, though this was our first time meeting in person, and gleefully sipped on coffee. The Vintage is housed in one of the few 19th century buildings that still stand in Everett, though it’s been updated and many of the oldest features have been torn out; the brick interior walls are covered in old art and the vibe is pub-like, with low lighting and a simple menu.

Shortly after Andrea and I got our coffee Angie and Antje arrived, followed by Arya and Hannah (Charmian), then Kari and Christy (Christyg), and lastly Laurel and her cutie-pie daughter Clementine; each greeting becoming longer and more jubilant. Food was ordered and the non-stop gabfest began! We went around the table introducing ourselves and talking about how we each came upon YLF, and let our conversations wander where they took us.

While listening to each amazing story, I took a few minutes to appreciate everyone’s fab outfits and how complementary each one was. Arya’s mossy-green cardigan brought out the color of her eyes beautifully, and her hand-knit arm warmers were super cute; she looked so comfortable in her skinny jeans you would never guess she’s a recent convert! Hanna was wearing the beautiful Eliza J shift dress in purple over slim jeans and heels, perfect for the wedding she was attending after the meet-up; the jeans easily swap with tights, and heels would finish the look off. Andrea’s fun All Saints dress perfectly embodied her fun personality, and her wine-toned scarf injected just the right amount of color.

Christy looked just as sharp in smart casual as she does in her business wear; both she and I are devoted members of Team Heels, but were both wearing flats for the day! Kari had expertly incorporated three shades of purple into her outfit, which looked gorgeous with her red hair. Laurel and Clementine made the cutest mother-daughter pair; mum in perfectly flattering Winter colors, daughter in perfectly flattering Spring colors. Antje’s mix of red, black, camel, and polka dots may sound classic, but her outfit was completely urban and funky. And Angie’s outfit embodied the spirit of having fun with fashion: slouchy pants, cheetah print booties, furry vest, and suspenders; yet she looked as elegant as always (it’s no wonder we are all so inspired by her!).

From the restaurant, Antje bid us adieu and the rest of us headed up north to the Tulalip outlet mall to do some Serious Shopping. I could write a novel on the whirlwind shopping excursion! We stopped by Burberry (where Angie found a great plaid coat, but the discount just wasn’t good enough), LOFT (where I think everyone found something), Kate Spade (where Arya and I each bought the same bright orange-red purse, and Angie bought a wallet), Elie Tahari (where Christy bought a tweedy jacket), Clarks (where Christy found a great pair of sandy colored heeled desert booties, and Arya bid us adieu), Joe’s Jeans, Brooks Brothers, and Ann Taylor (where Christy and I bought, like, the whole store).

We’d only gotten through a quarter of the mall and decided a drink-and-snack break was due. Fries, salads, and refreshing cold drinks were had to replete our energy, and Angie also met a very cute little Yorkie pup.

After our break, we continued onward! We stopped by BCBG, Nine West (where Laurel and I made use of their buy-one-get-one-40%-off to each buy a pair of heeled oxfords), Levi’s, J.Crew (where I bought an orangey-red striped tee to match my new Kate Spade bag), Kitchen Collection (where Laurel found something she’d been looking for for composting; then little Clementine decided she wanted to go home so the two of them bid us adieu), Banana Republic (where Kari found a great dress but the dressing room lines were excessively long, so Andrea and I barricaded a corner for her to try it on over her clothes, but ultimately she passed on it), Benetton (where Angie found a perfect bright green coat… one size too large, so she woefully had to pass), DKNY, and Vince Camuto. Whew! I’m sure I’ve missed a store or two.

Angie was brilliant to shop with, even in a group shopping for themselves, she made sure that no one felt left out. She offered tips as requested, gave opinions in dressing rooms, and helped us to find both items we were looking for and items we may have passed up. I am sure I can speak for everyone who was there when I say, thank you for this Angie! And seeing Angie pass up on two nearly-perfect coats was, for me specifically, an invaluable lesson in being patient for those perfect items. 

It was a wonderful day, full of friends, shopping, and food (what better way to spend a Saturday?). I can’t properly put into words how much I enjoyed meeting both new and familiar YLF faces, and how grateful I am to have the opportunity to do so. I hope everyone enjoyed the small slice of Everett they experienced, and I must say I just cannot wait until the next get-together on 10th December!