At the start of Spring, I posted a list of must haves for Summer. The list cuts across all body types, age groups and budgets. It’s a question of finding the right style at the right price, AND wearing it in an age appropriate and flattering way that works for you. So unless you‘re vehemently opposed to the look you should give these trends a bash.

Several months later and with end-of-season sales in full swing, it’s times to share our progress. I’ll go first:

  1. White bottoms: Check. I had three white bottoms and happily wear them season after season.
  2. Polka dots: Check. I had several polka dot tops and dresses and added one more polka dot frock. But I’m not counting because I love polka dots and will wear them forever more.
  3. Denim shirt: Check. Love my new denim shirt and especially enjoy wearing it in unexpected combinations.
  4. Tunic shirts: Check. I added black and white tunic shirts and have absolutely loved them. I’m not overly thrilled with their quality though, so I’m already on the lookout for better-end versions just because I know I’ll carry on wearing the look for several more seasons.
  5. Floral printed dresses: Check. I’m wearing floral frocks which are a couple of seasons old and they’re doing the trick.
  6. Flouncy skirts: No luck. They’ve been too short, too ruffle-y and not to my taste. I’m disappointed with what I’ve seen in stores so far after being really excited about the upcoming trend.
  7. Leggings: Check. Had a few pairs and added another cropped black pair with rouleau loop button detailing.
  8. Walk shorts: Check. Had a denim pair and love wearing them with heels and jackets.
  9. Clamdiggers: Check. Had two pairs and enjoy wearing them with boots and tunics.
  10. Jailbird stripes: Check. The Melrose Street review saw to adding another one to my collection.
  11. Something lilac or/and coral: No luck. Haven’t found a coral dress or blouse to my liking yet.
  12. A utilitarian piece: Check. Had some items already, but also added a black shirt dress and denim shirt dress. Unfortunately the denim shirt dress was returned due to inferior quality.
  13. Boyfriend blazer: Check. Came back from Amsterdam with a black extended shoulder boyfriend blazer which I haven’t stopped wearing.
  14. Lacy camisole: Check. Had these too.
  15. Low heels: Check. Discovered low heeled Fidji shoes and am stocking up.
  16. Flesh toned shoes: Check. My new Fidji’s are a match for my skin tone and they’re on my feet a few times a week.
  17. Caged shoes: Check. Last year’s styles are still going strong.
  18. Colourful beads: Check. Bought a long string of turquoise glass beads and they’ve been fun to wear when my pearls rest.
  19. Blue-hued handbag: Check. I had a snakeskin cobalt bag but never found the turquoise handbag of my dreams. So I stopped looking for a turquoise bag and opted for a neon green L.A.M.B bag instead.
  20. Weathered brown belt: No luck. Every time I looked at brown belts my eye was drawn to something else. But I’m not giving up yet. I know I’ll enjoy this look once I find the right belt.

I also managed to find the perfect pair of silky black harem pants, jodhpur jeans, Kate Spade party pumps, cream Summer boots, an apple green cascading cardigan, champagne pearls and some fun blouses.

Your turn. How did you do?