I’m cutting right to the chase by suggesting a list of 20 seasonal “must haves” before we’ve discussed all trends in detail. That will give you more time to adjust to the looks you’re not sure about yet. Who knows, items that are a “no way” today might tickle your fancy later.

The list cuts across all body types, age groups and budgets. It’s a question of finding the right style at the right price, AND wearing it in an age appropriate and flattering way that works for you. So unless you’re vehemently opposed to the aesthetic, try to keep an open mind and give these trends a bash. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  1. White bottoms: I say this every hot weather season! White jeans, pants, skirts, walk shorts, clamdiggers or dresses freshen up a warm weather look in the best possible way. It’s worth investing in great basic white bottoms because you’ll wear them every Spring and Summer.
  2. Polka dots: Large, small, evenly sized or variegated, polka dots are one of the hottest prints right now. Think spots on soft blouses, dresses, skirts, lightweight scarves or cotton cardigans. Although they are particularly trendy this season, for me polka dots are always in fashion.
  3. Denim shirt: A bit of 90’s fun never hurt anyone. Denim shirts are versatile and edgy. Think preppy chambray instead of denim if that’s more your style.
  4. Tunic shirts: Another versatile item that can be worn either tailored or roomy. White is my top suggestion but colours and black work well too. Black works especially well when matched with white bottoms.
  5. Floral printed dresses: In true 90’s fashion, small scale ditsy florals are all the rage. But any type of floral dress is fab. I’m still all over abstract floral designs, so that’s what I’ll be wearing when I give geometric prints a rest.
  6. Flouncy skirts: Short A-line skirts are becoming more popular, so think flirty, flippy and fun breezy floral or polka dot skirts for hot days. But pencil skirts are always on trend, so don’t think that you’ll have to give up those anytime soon.
  7. Leggings: My goodness. There is no stopping the trend. Solid black with zipper or stirrup details are still personal favourites, but grey, denim and patterned leggings can be just as sweet.
  8. Walk shorts: You can’t go wrong with this classic item in denim, white or coloured twill.
  9. Clamdiggers: I’ve had my clams for four years and continue to wear them like a basic. There seem to be loads of premium denim clamdiggers available, but few at lower price points. So purchase cheaper capris and shorten them to a flattering length.
  10. Jailbird stripes: Nautical themes are big every year because stripes are classic. Great to wear with white bottoms and under a denim shirt.
  11. Something lilac or/and coral: As a tribute to the ice-cream tones of the 90’s, an item or accessory in a light or deep lilac or coral is nostalgic.
  12. A utilitarian piece: Military and safari inspired items are everywhere. Cargo pocket pants are hard to wear but military jackets, tops and shirt dresses are not. Think beyond beige and olive if they don’t work with your skin tone and purchase black, navy and light brown in these styles instead. Colours will also work.
  13. Boyfriend blazer: A completely mainstream style that looks like it’s here to stay.
  14. Lacy camisole: Interpreting the “boudoir trend” is alluring. Try a bit of lace under a denim shirt and treat yourself to a lacy bra.
  15. Low heels: Kitten heels and low wedges are trending. Stock up if you like the heel height.
  16. Flesh toned shoes: Skin toned shoes are popular and very flattering. A must in every wardrobe for their versatility and leg lengthening effects.
  17. Caged shoes: Heeled or flat, it’s all about a strappy shoe that looks like a cage around the foot. Think of styles like the Sofft Vanessa and the Clarks Smooch for comfortable options.
  18. Colourful beads: Turquoise glass or plastic beads get my top vote but all colours are fab including white beads.
  19. Blue-hued handbag: Since handbags are my favourite accessory and turquoise is a hot colour this season, no one needs to convince me that I need a turquoise handbag. But if turquoise is not your colour, think cobalt, ink, and teal. And it’s fab to wear a blue handbag with blue jeans.
  20. Weathered brown belt: I’m seeing this style of belt in many collections. From the runway shows at Fashion Week right down to the catalogue models of Banana Republic and H&M. Nice worn with both casual and dressy outfits.

The more daring might add the following to their must have list:  asymmetrical pieces (top, dress or skirt), strong or bold shouldered jackets (that’s with extended shoulder pads), ruched sleeve tops and blouses, tapered ankle length pants, chunky bangled arm candy, harem pants, slouchy high-waisted pleated pants, a sequined day item, camouflage, short-shorts, colour-blocked dresses, denim shoes, denim handbags and heeled clogs.

In some instances, items will double duty for Spring and Autumn. In other instances, items are classics and you’ll use them season after season. So how does the list look, ladies? What’s on your Spring and Summer shopping list?