Pear shaped gals tend to battle with the fit of straight sheath dresses. When the dress fits on top, it’s too snug on the bottom. When it fits on the bottom, it’s too roomy on top. Usually the solution is to purchase a sheath dress that fits well around the hip and thigh area, then have the top section altered to fit the shoulder and bust line. Or purchase a non-sheath A-line dress silhouette that’s tailored on top and roomy on the bottom by way of design.

But sometimes, you come across a sheath dress that’s perfect for those who are a little heavier on the bottom. And that’s the pretty periwinkle and black Michael Kors printed sheath dress below. Fully lined, well made and in a luxurious cotton spandex. It’s smart enough to dress up for a day wedding, or take you comfortably through a business formal day with a jacket. Alternatively, I’d throw my denim jacket or biker jacket over these dresses for casual edge. Lots of possibilities!

Michael Kors Polka Dot Shift DressMichael Kors Marble Sheath Dress

The periwinkle dress on the right is available for petites online and for regular sizes in store. It’s also got a bit of length for the tall gals. Regular length gals might even get away with wearing petites because of this extra length.

I haven’t had the polka dot dress on clients yet, so I’m not certain that it’s exactly the same Michael Kors, sheath dress fit. But it’s probably quite close, different necklines notwithstanding.