Today’s post is written by YLF forum member and recessionista blogger, Khris (“chewyspaghetti”) who lives in the California desert with hubby and two fab kids. Khris impresses me with her fabulous and effortlessly casual, Mum on the go style. Her outfits always show personality, verve and just the right amount of edge. But what impresses me even more is Khris’s commitment to losing 100 pounds, AND keeping it off. Every time Khris posts an outfit on the forum she looks smaller than she did before. So without further ado, here is rapidly shrinking Khris and her story.

Khris BeforeAbout a year and a half ago I began to be concerned with my health. I have been heavy my entire life, and my body was starting to show the strain. I decided that I was not prepared to live with an illness that my weight had caused, and I set about to make changes in my life. I had lost weight before. Five years ago, I lost about 25 pounds. I did it by eating a low carb diet and exercising, but I was not able to maintain the loss.

But I started trying again. The first thing was to have a goal in mind, and that needed to be a big one. At that point (according to every chart or calculator that I could find on the internet) I was Medically Obese – meaning 100 pounds overweight. I figured that if I were 100 pounds overweight, then I should lose that 100 pounds and not be overweight for the first time in my adult life. I didn’t have any experience with normal weight ranges, so I did some investigation on the internet and spoke to my doctor to make sure that was an attainable goal. With assurances in hand, I set about my journey. I set a goal of losing only 1 pound per week, knowing that it would take me two years to reach my goal. I wanted to make slow lifestyle changes and build upon them. I knew that whatever I did to lose the weight, I would have to continue to do in order to maintain it- and maintenance was my ultimate goal.

Weight loss has changed me in ways that I would never have imagined. I have discovered that I have reservoirs of perseverance previously untapped. It has not been an easy journey, and it has not been smooth; but it has been deeply rewarding. I am creating a whole new relationship with food and exercise, and my body as well. I can only hope that when I reach my goal (*when*- not if), these changes will have solidified. I am currently 61 pounds into my weight loss, with 39 more pounds to go. I’ve dropped 6 pants sizes, and about a size and two widths in shoes.

Khris's Outfits 1

I had always been interested in fashion and clothing, but my weight loss (which was rapid at the beginning) required me to replace my entire wardrobe from season to season. I decided that this was a good opportunity to be a little more adventurous with my choices, knowing that things would only fit for a limited amount of time. I discovered You Look Fab, and began reading it daily. In no time at all, the forum at You Look Fab became not only a source of inspiration, but a sounding board for my changing body. Often, my eyes and brain needed time to catch up with my body. I was not always able to recognize in the mirror what others could see more plainly- be it shape, fit, or change.

I did not just lose weight, but my shape changed dramatically. I had to learn how to dress a completely new body, and discover my style as a normal sized person. The struggle has been as much mental and emotional as it was physical. The wonderful ladies on the You Look Fab forum have been a huge source of encouragement and support through this process, and I continue to cherish their input and feedback on fashion and weight loss as well as other subjects.

Remember that you can read more about Khris on her blog: Chewy Spaghetti.

Khris's Outfits 2