I’m embellishing my occasion wear capsule this year and that means adding another pair of comfortable “sitting shoes” to my footwear assortment. By “sitting shoes” I mean  shoes that I can walk in comfortably for two hours, spread over a longer timeframe if there’s lots of sitting in-between.

Finding a relatively comfortable pair of heels for my fussy feet is hard. The fit, style, aesthetics and comfort level have to be just so and I won’t compromise. I’ve had an excellent run with my red Kate Spades, which you’ve seen with my outfits a few times. After years they still look and feel superb so it was back to Kate Spade for a similar pair.

Kate Spade StephieKate Spade Kellie

I absolutely love the shoes that you see above. Both pairs fit as well, felt as comfortable and looked as good as my red Kate Spades. And the styles won’t date. For my style, classic with a teensy modern twist is a good way to go for this type of investment.

I was so excited! I actually had two pairs of high heeled sitting shoes to choose from. Then I noticed that the pair on the left with the cream trim squeaked loudly with every step I took. The squeaking was so loud that Greg who was on the phone in another part of the house even noticed. At this price and quality level it was very unexpected.

I experimented with insoles and hose, all to no avail so back they go. It’s a pity, but I’m keeping the beautiful pair on the right. So all’s well that ends well.

Have you ever had a similar experience with squeaky shoes? Is there anything that can be done to stop the squeaking? Will you wear shoes that squeak?