I won’t go very far. So bye-bye to many beautifully fashionable and trendy pairs of shoes.

At worst, I’ll wear a pair of two-hour shoes that I call “sitting shoes”. That means I can comfortably walk for two hours in the shoes before I need to tear them off my feet. But the two hours can be spread over a longer timeframe if there’s lots of sitting in-between. Typically, occasion, party and evening shoes fall into this category if we take the car or public transport to our destination.

But aside from a few pairs of “sitting shoes”, I have zero tolerance for shoe discomfort because my lifestyle is about walking. My job is active and I’m out with clients for hours on end. I wouldn’t be able to do my job and feel good about it with foot pain. Plus, I’d feel less confident and less stylish hobbling around in uncomfortable shoes.

Not all my walking shoes need to be the 8 to 12 hour variety. Some of the time I’m only out and about for 3 or 4 hours, which means that I can entertain shoes that are a slightly less comfortable. This gives me a little more style variety.

I do like beautiful shoes though, and if I didn’t walk around during the day as much as I do, I’d probably have more pairs of impractical “sitting shoes”.

How much pain will you endure in order to wear a beautiful pair of shoes? Be honest!