If you’re a bag lady like I am, and  have many handbags, you’ll need to find an effective way of storing them. First prize is keeping them in a place where they are easily accessible with the rest of your clothes. I have two such places that work well in our closet space:

  • Hanging behind the door of our wardrobe on a handbag rack
  • Resting on the shelves of our wardrobe above the hanging area

The handbag rack works really well because I don’t disturb the organization of the rest of the bags when I remove one from it’s position. The shelving works well up until the point that I remove a handbag and the rest fall over. I stuff resting handbags to keep their shape, but the clutches in particular still fall over because they rely on the the other handbags for support.

So I’m going to create permanent support for the bags that I store on shelves. I have my eye on the shelf dividers below with the idea that a compartment holds one to three handbags depending on the size and shape. I’ll let you know how the experiment goes.

Shelf Dividers Shelf Dividers

If you lack cupboard space, you can store handbags in transparent boxes and stack the boxes. The only nuisance is that they’re not as easily accessible as when they’re on a shelf ready to grab. Have you found an effective way to store your handbags? I’m always intrigued by clever and attractive storage ideas.