Most fashion and style loving ladies have a thing for either handbags or shoes, or both. There are many, many wardrobe items to have heart palpitations over. Why then do so many of us have a weakness for shoes and handbags? They aren’t even clothes.

Perhaps it is because shoes and handbags are instantly noticeable statement pieces. More often than not, especially as we get older, shoes and handbags also become investment pieces. And sometimes even status symbols.

I too have a thing for shoes and handbags. But as much as I love looking at fabulous shoes, appreciating their design and their power to improve an outfit, I am a Bag Lady at heart. My handbag collection is far more impressive than my footwear collection and I enjoy looking and shopping for handbags more than I enjoy looking and shopping for shoes. I swap out my handbags very frequently and I am hopelessly devoted to each little darling that accompanies my outfits.

Are you a Shoe Lady, or Bag lady? Try not to say that you’re both (I know it’s hard). Perhaps you’re neither?  And if that’s the case, tell us why shoes and bags don’t light your fire.