If you like to wear an alluring one-piece bathing costume with good coverage and extra support, the three styles below are my top picks this season. The styles come in various solid colours and patterns so hopefully there’s a combination to your taste.

I have fitted many, many one-piece bathing costume styles on many bodies and more often than not, it comes down to one of the three silhouettes below. There is just something about the fit, fabric and cut that works.

Sonatina” by Miraclesuit. This silhouette has been around for a couple of seasons and it’s still my top recommendation for any size and body type, both petite and regular height. Great bust support, a nice low back, enough bottom coverage and a pretty neckline.

Miraclesuit Choc Croc Sonatina SwimsuitMiraclesuit Me Wow Sonatina Swimsuit

“Escape” by Miraclesuit. This silhouette has an even more alluring neckline and the front criss-cross wrap detailing is both waist defining and camouflaging. My taller clients preferred this style because it’s longer in the body than the Sonatina, making it more comfortable all round. Definitely not as much panty plucking.

Miraclesuit Blue Ray Escape One PieceMiraclesuit Spot Check Escape Swimsuit

“Sweetheart” by La Blanca. This is an exciting new find! They fabric is just as weighty as the Miraclesuit collection so there is ample support. If you like exposing your décolleté, this style is for you. It’s also longer in torso length so a good pick for taller or long bodied gals. It’s pretty in all the colours but especially sophisticated in black.

La Blanca Sweetheart One-Piece - BlackLa Blanca Sweetheart One-Piece - Blue

Remember that bathing costume sizes in the US do not follow regular size specifications. You have to size up about two sizes. So if you usually wear a clothing size 6, you’ll need a size 10 bathing costume.

Adding a wrap, knitted skirt, board shorts or fun little slip dress to any of these costumes is a great idea. If you need a couple of costumes in rotation at one time, try to coordinate the colours and patterns for mixing and matching possibilities.

Even if the one-pieces above are not to your taste, it’s worth trying them on if you’re stuck. You’ll probably find that they look better on than you expected. I’ve also had the new Spanx swimwear range on a few bodies and it was disappointing. Although the styles look more exciting, they generally haven’t been as effective at smoothing out the silhouette.

If anyone has further swimwear recommendations that offer flattering coverage, I’m all ears.