I know, I know. It’s weird to hear me say this because for several reasons I wear flats most of the time. And when I wear heels, they’re only one to two inches high. I seldom wear really high heels, which is most unusual for my dressy style and job as a fashion stylist. I dare to be different!

But a couple of times a month, I break out my high heels, which are no higher than three inches because that’s all I can bear. And I feel fabulous. Here’s why:

  • Amplified femininity: I feel extra girly in high heels and enjoy the sound that they make as I walk.
  • Extra height: Some outfits look better with high heels so it’s great to take advantage of the elevation.
  • Shaped calf muscles: This is my favourite reason for wearing heels. I don’t have shapely calves but I do when I wear high heels.

If you’re a high heel wearer, do these reasons resonate with you? Any further reasons to wear high heels?