Linen is a natural fabrication that creases heavily. Linens blended with synthetic fibers like nylon, acetate and polyester crease less, but they still crease. So when you purchase any linen garment, you have to commit to the creases as part of the look. And the wrinkling starts the minute you move in the clothing so by the end of the day you’re pretty creased.

Linen clothing rears it’s cool and breezy head every Summer for both men and women and is particularly popular in Europe. It’s found in all sorts of garments from dresses, scarves, trousers, shorts and skirts, to shirts, blouses, tunics and jackets. You can also get linen bags and shoes.

Linen clothing tends to denote a casual vibe, but in the right structured garments it can be interpreted in a more dressy sense too. Business casual slacks, jackets, shirts and suits are available every year and I especially see a resurgence of linen dresses. This could be another 90’s influence but I’m not sure.

It’s a given that you’re going to look creased at some point during the day no matter what. So the question is whether structured, but wrinkled linen can look professional in business settings. There are several things to consider:

  • Your specific line of work
  • The actual blend of the linen fabrication (some crease more than others)
  • The type of garment you choose
  • The rest of your ensemble

I wear structured linen button down shirts and have a few linen jackets. I wear them both in a business casual sense and smart casually with jeans. I believe that structured and tailored  linen pieces (like the ones below) can work for business casual in warm weather when dressier elements like shoes and accessories accompany the ensemble. But unstructured linen garments are best left for casual wear.

What do you think? Do you wear linen and get your head around wearing the natural fiber in business casual settings? Or is linen strictly for casual wear?

Linen/Cotton Sophisticate SkirtLinen Tie Waist DressSleek Suit Jacket & Linen PantFarinaz 'Rapture' Linen Blend Tunic

These linen items are dressy and worn in a dressy way. For me, they will work in a business casual environment that leans toward casual.