For years fashion experts have been swearing by nude or flesh-toned shoes because they visually extend the length of the leg right down to the foot without a break. So it’s as if your legs magically received ten inches of extra flattering length.

I must admit that it took me a while to get used to the idea of wearing flesh-toned shoes, for two reasons. First, I felt like I was barefoot and forgot to put on shoes. Second, they seemed a teensy weensy bit too mature. But after a bit of nude shoe soul searching, I saw the light and have several pairs.

But I still don’t fancy nude shoes that look “flat”. They must have some sort of leather texture and self-colour embellishment for me to like them. Or, they need to be sandals so that your painted toenails add visual depth to the picture. So while I vote yay, it’s with conditions.

Do you like the look of nude shoes and wear them? Or you think they look odd on the foot. Yay or still nay?