Shoes that are a similar colour to your skin do wonders for elongating your legs when you’re wearing a skirt or frock. This is because they visually extend the length of the leg right down to the foot without a break. It’s as if your legs magically received ten inches of extra flattering height.

Most flesh-toned shoe styles achieve the leg lengthening effect. Shoes with heels and low vamps are particularly effective but strappy sandals, mary janes, peep-toes, ballet flats and gladiators also work.

Surprisingly, it took me a while to actually like the look of flesh coloured shoes on bare legs because my first impression was: “oh no! I look like I’m not wearing shoes”. But that’s the point, and since the penny dropped I whole heartedly believe it’s a good look.

I prefer a little texture and depth to my flesh-toned peds so I opt for a champagne or pewter shade of metallic that’s close to the colour of my skin instead of flat beige leather. It’s probably not quite as visually effective, but it does the trick.

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An assortment of flesh-toned and metallic shoes in different styles. The comfy strappy wedge I bought last week is close to the colour of my skin so it serves as a flesh-toned shoe in my wardrobe. Works for me.