For several seasons, dresses that bare one shoulder have been a fringe trend. The look is still fringe, but it’s definitely gaining favour. I’ve seen many more in stores this year and they might be even more popular next year.

I like asymmetry and have a few asymmetrical pieces in my wardrobe. So over the years I’ve tried on several one-shouldered styles and popped clients in them too. I’m not wildly passionate about the look, but don’t mind it either. At the end of the day, I’m not a lover of Grecian inspired dresses and one-shouldered styles will always have a bit of that flavour for me, no matter how modern and edgy the cut of the garment.

But the silhouette can look strikingly different and attractive when matched with a killer statement cuff on the forearm of the bare shoulder. No necklace and no earrings but just the dress and the cuff. That type of strong outfit simplicity appeals to me, so that’s why I’ll continue to entertain the look. Who knows, perhaps I’ll even sport it myself one day.

So what do you think ladies? Do you like the look of one-shoulder dressing? If you don’t fancy the silhouette on yourself, is it something that you can appreciate on others? Do you think that strapless styles look better than one-shouldered styles?

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