People might tell you that you look “nice”, or “really pretty”, or “cute”, or “fabulous”, or “beautiful” or “sexy”, or “adorable”, or “stunning”, or “spunky”, or “classy” or “edgy”, or that you’re “well put together” – and it’s very flattering. Come on! We all enjoy receiving compliments about the way we look and the way we’re dressed. And there is no end to the positive adjectives that can be used to describe a person’s style.

Even though it’s wonderfully boosting to receive any form of positive feedback about your style, some adjectives might make your toes tickle and your heart smile a little more than others, just because that’s how you’d like the world to perceive your look. I gratefully soak up and hang onto any compliment that someone passes my way, but I’m particularly partial to adjectives like “trendy”, “elegant”, “ladylike”, “graceful”, “hip”, “sophisticated”, “fashion forward” or “chic”.

I had to get used to the way the word “cute” is used in America. I used it to describe young children and animals, or anything that is diminutive and smaller than regular size like a baby, puppy or tiny travel toiletries. But cute in America can mean “good looking” and “stylish” too and it’s often used to describe adults. Now that I know that, I’m not insulted when someone calls me cute, even though it’s still not an adjective that turns my cheeks pink.

Over to you. Do you have a set of style-describing adjectives that you prefer hearing over others? Or is it all the same to you.