Everyone looks good in a one-piece bathing costume. Do not torture yourself trying to find a flattering two-piece if your body is not what it used to be. The right one-piece is practical, alluring and an absolute confidence booster.

Miraclesuits” continue to meet with expectation because they are designed to fit real women. I am impressed with the “Sonatina” Miraclesuit this season. I’ve popped this style onto a whole slew of sizes and body types and they all got my thumbs up. Its V-neckline, vertical seaming and mid-riff ruching is elongating and extremely flattering. Its “girdle” effect is extraordinary and the cup size is available in a DD.

Give this particular Miraclesuit a bash if you are battling with bathing suits. But don’t faint at the price. This superb bathing costume does not come cheap.

Miraclesuit Sonatina One Piece Miraclesuit Solid Sonatina Swimsuit

The Sonatina is available in black, brown, indigo and coral at department stores, or on sites like simplybeach.com. Unfortunately, the style is not available in bright beach colours, but you could add a bright wrap or tunic to your poolside ensemble.