Ladies with full bust lines can absolutely wear necklaces. In fact, large statement necklaces can effectively draw attention away from the bust line, a handy trick to have at your disposal if that’s your goal.

As always, the devil is in the details. It’s about choosing the right combination of necklace and neckline. Here are three options that usually work well:

  1. Lower neckline, higher necklace: Wearing necklaces, or layers of necklaces, with lower necklines like V’s, scoops, sweetheart, open shirt collars and cowls is hands down the best combination for a larger bust. Position a fairly chunky set of beads (single or multi-strand), or a necklace with a chunky pendant, so that it hangs lower down on the chest but no further than the start of your cleavage. You’ll find that sweet spot between one and half to four inches down from the bottom of the front base of the neck. Wearing the necklace lower down as opposed to right up against the base of the neck elongates your long lean line and is generally flattering.
  2. Higher neckline, lower necklace: Sometimes wearing a slightly higher neckline like a boat neck requires a longer necklace because a necklace positioned at your “sweet spot” can catch the edge of the boat neck in an annoying way. So the solution is to go a little longer, with a long  chunky necklace that ends just above the peak of the bust line. But not too long that the necklace dangles over the peak of the breast, or hooks onto one of them. Those are looks you’ll want to avoid.
  3. Soft, long Y-chain necklace: It isn’t a flop proof solution like the two guidelines above, but a soft long Y-chain can lie comfortably flat between the breasts when you wear either a low or higher neckline. This style of chain ends up collapsing against the bust  instead of dangling or hooking.

Also, some well endowed ladies can wear necklaces, or layers of necklaces, right up against the base of the neck if they’re long necked and dainty shouldered. But this more an exception than a general guideline.

If you have further suggestions on how to wear necklaces when you’re well endowed, let’s hear them.