Casual holiday parties are actually more common than the formal celebrations we spend a lot of time talking about. These are bashes straight after work, at fancy restaurants, or in people’s homes. Some parties are extremely casual, which makes any form of casual attire appropriate. But most of the time, informal party dressing is about adding a bit of festive fun and bubbly bling to an outfit. Fancier than what you would normally wear to work, but not quite cocktail wear.

My favourite way to dress for these events is to use one of the following three formulas, and these are the outfits I’ll be wearing this year:

Fun FrockSleek JeansSparkly Skirt

  1. Matching a fun frock with fab boots: Choose a relatively dressy dress and throw in a pair of dressy boots, great hose and bling. I chose knee-high boots but pumps or booties are just as effective. Dramatic earrings and a bracelet make a nice alternative to a necklace, as does a sequined scarf. I leave my specs and watch on for these occasions and like to carry a small clutch handbag.
  2. Dressing up a pair of sleek jeans: This is hands down the easiest formula. Choose any silhouette of smart dark blue or black-black jeans and match it with a dazzling top, dressy shoes and bling. Tops that sparkle always go down well, as does a jacket with sheen. I chose to surrender my waistline by wearing a shiny, oversized batwing blouse because the silhouette is of thisSparkle fashion moment. The casual boxy-ness of the blouse contrasts well with the luster of the necklace. All in the name of trendy fun!
  3. Toning down a sparkly skirt: This formula turns formula #2 upside down. Choose a dazzling skirt and tone it down with a denim jacket, adding a top or blouse, dressy shoes and bling.

You don’t need to stick to a black and cream colour palette matched with pearl and patent accessories. Pick any colour combination and throw in the bling that tickles your fancy. Your style is all about your aesthetic preferences so substitute the formulas with items that are more to your taste.

I am still in love with the pairing of black and cream matched with patent and perfect white pearls. Once a Chanel girl, always a Chanel girl. That’s my style and I feel magical every time I sport the look.